God acts in the material visible world behind the veil of causes. However besides this one there are many other worlds or realms like the world of ideas the world of symbols or immaterial forms the world of the inner dimensions of things and the world of spirits where God acts directly and which have nothing to do with matter and causes. The spirit is breathed into the embryo directly without the mediation of causes. It is a direct manifestation of the Divine Name the All-Living and therefore the basis of human life. Like ‘natural’ laws which issue from the same realm from which the spirit is sent the spirit is invisible and known through its manifestations. In this world matter is refined in favor of life. A lifeless body no matter how big it is like a mountain is lonely passive and static. But life enables a body the size of a bee for example to enter into transactions or business with almost the whole world and causes it to go as far as saying: ‘This world is my garden and flowers are my business partners.’ The smaller a living body is the more active astonishing and powerful life is. You can compare a bee a fly or even a microorganism with an elephant. Also the more refined matter is the more active and powerful a body. For example when wood burns it produces flames and carbon. When heated water vaporizes. We come across electrical energy in the atomic or subatomic world. We cannot see electrical energy but we can come to know how powerful it is though its manifestations. That means existence does not consist in the visible material world. Rather this world is only the apparent mutable and unstable dimension of existence. Behind it lies the pure invisible dimension which user matter to be seen and known. Thus the spirit belongs to that dimension and is therefore pure and invisible.