Although sciences are not yet ready to accept it there are besides the subdivisions in a world like the worlds of plants animals and human beings (vegetable kingdom animal kingdom and human kingdom) and the world of jinn many worlds in the universe one within the other or above or enveloping the other. Of these worlds the visible material world is that in which we live addressing itself to our senses. From tiniest particles to galaxies this world is the realm where God Almighty gives life fashions renews changes and makes to die. Sciences concern themselves with the phenomena of this world.
Like the laws seemingly operative in the universe the spirit is a law issuing from the world of Divine Laws or Commands. Nevertheless unlike the others the human spirit is a living conscious law.

Above this visible material world is the immaterial world of Divine Laws or Commands. In order to have some knowledge of this world we can consider for example how a book or a tree or a human being comes into existence. The main part of a book's existence is it's meaning. Without meaning it is impossible for a book to come into existence no matter how excellent a printing machine or how many sheets we have. As a second example what stimulates a seed to germinate under earth and grow into a tree is the essence of life and the law of germination and growth with which it is endowed. We can observe even with the naked eye the germination of the seed and the development of a tree from it. But for the essence of life and the laws of germination and growth which although invisible or unobservable govern the birth and growth of a new living thing there would have been no plants in the world.

Similarly through menstruation the womb of a female is prepared every month for insemination. This is a process dictated by a (biological) law. Out of millions of mate sperms heading for the womb one reaches the ovum to fertilize it. After this menstruation stops until birth. This is another process governed by another (biological) law. The development of the embryo into a new individual through many stages is a third process governed by other (biological or embryological) laws. This process is mentioned in the Holy Book quite explicitly:

"We created man from a quintessence of clay. We then placed him as a drop in a place of rest firmly fixed. Then We made the drop into a leech-like structure suspended on the wall of the womb and then of that leech-like structure We made a chewed-like substance. Then We made out of that chewed-like substance bones (skeletal system). Then We clothed the bones with flesh (muscles). Then We developed out of it another creation. So blessed be God the best to create (23:12-15)."

This process takes place according to the Holy Book's statement within three veils of darkness:

"He created you in the wombs of your mothers in stages one after another in three veils of darkness (39:6)."

These three veils of darkness are the belly the womb and the caul or membrane or the constituents of the fetal membranes or the three regions of the decidua: decidua basalis decidua capsularis and the decidua parietalis. Or rather the verse includes all of these meanings.

We conclude the existence of all those laws from almost never-changing repetition of all those processes. Likewise by observing the (natural) phenomena around us we also conclude the existence of many other laws like gravitation and repulsion and the freezing or vaporization of water.

Thus like the laws we have thus mentioned and many others like them the spirit is a law issuing from the world of Divine Laws or Commands. Nevertheless unlike the others the human spirit is a living conscious law. The verse. Say:"The spirit is of my Lord s Command (17:85)." states that the spirit is from the world of Divine Commands not from the visible material world.

If the spirit were to be stripped of life and consciousness it would become a law; if on the other hand the laws were to be given life and consciousness they would become each a spirit.