Since "real" life is only possible through knowledge those who have neglected learning and teaching are considered to be "dead." even when they are biologically alive.
Love is the most essential element in every being and it is a most radiant light and a great power which can resist and overcome every force. Love elevates every soul which absorbs it and prepares it for the journey to eternity.
Be as vast as the oceans and take every soul to your bosom! Let faith keep you alert cherish a never-ending affection for humanity and leave no broken heart forgotten or ignored!
These new people will be individuals of integrity who free from external influences can manage independently of others.
How can we help the young find happiness in this world and hereafter?
Every spectacle we observe within the horizon of belief and hope and every voice we hear removes all the veils from our souls and takes us through paradise valleys radiant soft pure serene and pleasant in which time acquires infinity.

Through the eye of the heart we have grasped the essential identity between the kernel of belief and the touba tree in Paradise. (into which that kernel will grow).