God has given a particular ‘nature’ to each creature:

All that is in the heavens and earth submits to Him willingly or unwillingly and they will be returned to Him (3.83).

Glorify the Name of your Lord the Most High. Who has created (all things) and well proportioned (them); Who has assigned for each a particular form and a particular way to follow and ordained their destinies and guided (them) (87:1-3).

Whatever exists in the universe including man’s body acts according to the ‘primordial nature’ God Almighty has assigned for it. That is why we observe a strict determinism in the operation of the universe. What we call ‘natural laws’ are the names which we give to the ways of acting or the attributes of the primordial nature God has determined for creatures.


The primordial nature of things does not ‘deceive’. For example. God has set the earth to revolve around both itself and the sun therefore it always revolves. A seed says in the tongue of its being or primordial nature: ‘I will germinate under earth in proper conditions and grow into a plant’ and it does what it says. Water declares that it freezes at 0ºC and vaporizes at 100ºC and does what it declares.