Tenth window: Consider the following verses:

And He sends down water from the heaven and brings forth with it crops and fruits as provision for you and He has made subject to you the ships so that they sail through the sea by His command and He has made the rivers subject to you; and He has made subject to you the sun and the moon both pursuing their courses and He has made subject to you the night and the day; and He gives you of all that you ask Him. If you were to count God's bounties you could not enumerate them. (14: 32‑34)

The mutual helping and solidarity of beings and their responding to each other's call for assistance shows that all creatures are trained by one Instructor administered by one Director controlled by one Disposer and serve one Master. Through a universal law of mutual helping the sun cooks by the Lord's command that which is needed by Earth's living creatures to continue living. The moon acts as a calendar; light air water and sustenance hasten to help animate beings; plants hasten to help animals; animals and plants hasten to help human beings; bodily members hasten to help each other; and food particles hasten to help cells.

This most wise and generous cooperation among unconscious beings their responding to each other's needs and supporting each other under a law of munificence and grace a law of compassion and care and a principle of mercy. show that they are the servants officers and creatures of a unique One of Unity a peerless. Eternally‑Besought‑of‑All an Absolutely Powerful. Absolutely Knowledgeable. Absolutely Compassionate. Absolutely Munificent and Necessarily‑Existent One. How do you. O follower of materialistic philosophy and scientism respond to this mighty window? Can chance have a hand in this?