Eleventh window: Consider the following verse:

Beware only in the remembrance of God do hearts find rest. (13:28)

Only through recognizing their One Creator can all spirits and hearts be delivered from the distress and confusion of misguidance and from the spiritual pains arising from that distress. Attributing all beings to a Maker of Unity allows them to find rest in the remembrance of One God. As proved in The Twenty‑second Word if a single being did not create the innumerable creatures of creation one thing must be ascribed to numberless causes. If this is the case it becomes practically impossible to explain the existence of a single thing. Consider this: If one soldier is commanded by 100 officers. 100 difficulties will arise. But if 100 soldiers are commanded by one officer they will be as easy to command as one soldier. This also is true in the case of creation for creating one thing by multiple causes would face as many problems as there are causes. Given this belief in the Creator's Unity and God's Knowledge will deliver us from the endless distress arising from the curiosity and desire to find the truth inherent in our nature.

Unbelief and associating partners with God engenders so many difficulties and pains that they clearly cannot contain any truth. In contrast we see how easily things and beings come into existence in great variety and multiplicity and yet with utmost beauty and artistry. This ease of creation can be explained only by ascribing all of creation to One God. As there is infinite ease in the way of believing in One God it is certainly necessary and the truth itself. See how dark and distressing is the way of misguidance. Why do you take it when you can see how easy and pleasant is the way of belief and affirming Divine Unity? Take that way and be delivered.