Ninth window: The worship of all beings shows an Absolutely Worshipped One. Those who penetrate the world of spirits and the inner dimension of things. where they meet with angels and spirit beings testify that all angels and spirit beings worship an Eternally Worshipped One in perfect obedience. We all observe that all living beings perform duties in perfect order in a manner resembling worship and that all inanimate things render services with perfect submission in a like manner. All of this shows a True Object of Worship's necessary Existence and Unity.

This is also the case with the true knowledge of all saints knowing Him (which bears the weight of consensus) all thankful people's fruitful thanks. the blessed recitations of those who recite God's Names the praises (which increase Divine bounties) of those who praise God the pronouncements and descriptions of Divine Unity (based on decisive proofs) of those who believe in it the true love of all lovers of God the true will and desires of those who seek Him and the earnest searching and inclinations of those who turn to Him. All of this shows the necessary Existence and Unity of that Eternally Worshipped One the One Who is Recognized. Mentioned. Praised. Beloved. Desired and Sought as well as His Lord‑ship's perfection.

Also the acceptable worship and supplications of perfected people as well as their spiritual radiance visions and illuminations demonstrate that Everlasting and Eternally Worshipped One's necessary Existence and Unity and His Lordship's perfection. These three aspects open up a broad light‑giving window onto Divine Unity.