It will take many thousands of tests therefore and cost the lives of many thousands of mice for this type of experiment to be carried out with success. However there is no trial and error in nature and any seed under earth unless some impediment like lack of enough moisture intervenes germinates and ultimately becomes a tree. Likewise an embryo in the mother's womb grows into a living conscious being equipped with intellectual and spiritual faculties.
The human body is a miracle of symmetry as well as of asymmetry. Scientists know how an embryo develops in the womb to form this symmetry and asymmetry but they are completely ignorant of how the particles 'the particles that reach the embryo through the mother and function as building blocks in the formation of the body ' can distinguish between right and left how they are able to determine the place of each organ how each goes and inserts itself in the exact place of a certain organ and how they understand the extremely complicated relations among cells and organs and their requirements. This is so complicated a process that if a single particle which should be placed in for example the pupil of the right eye were to go to the ear it could lead to malfunction or even death. Another point concerning this is that all animate beings are made from the same elements coming from earth air and water and similar to one another with respect to the members and organs of their bodies yet they are almost completely different from one another with respect to bodily features visage character desires and ambitions. This uniqueness of the individual is so reliable that one can be identified absolutely by one's fingerprints.

Whatever exists gives the message: "Either each 'particle' possesses almost infinite knowledge will and power or One who has such knowledge power and will creates and administers each particle."