Third fundamental: Moral training in human social life: Philosophy considers force to be the point of support in social life and life as the realization of self‑interest (its goal) and conflict (its principle). A community's unifying bonds are race and aggressive nationalism and its fruits are the gratification of carnal desires and increased need. Force calls for aggression seeking self‑interest causes battles over material resources and conflict brings strife. Racism feeds by swallowing others thereby paving the way for aggression. This is why humanity is not happy.

The Qur'an accepts right as the point of support in social life. The aim is virtue and God's approval and its principle is mutual assistance. The only community bonds it accepts are those of religion profession and country. Its aim is to control and thus weaken carnal desires by urging the soul to sublime matters satisfying our exalted feelings so that we will strive for human perfection and true humanity. Right calls for unity virtues bring solidarity. and mutual assistance means helping each other. Religion secures brotherhood. sisterhood and cohesion. Restraining our desires and urging the soul to perfection brings happiness in this world and the next.