Second fundamental: Moral training in one's personal life: Sincere students of philosophy are Pharaoh‑like tyrants.[1] They abuse themselves by bowing in worship before the meanest thing if they perceive it to be in their interest to do so. These materialist students are stubborn misleading and unyielding but so wretched that they accept endless degradation for one pleasure; unbending but so mean as to kiss the feet of devilish people for a base advantage. They are conceited and domineering but. unable to find any point of support in their hearts are utterly impotent and vainglorious tyrants. Such people are no more than self‑centered egoists striving to gratify their material and carnal desires pursuers of personal interests and certain national interests.

Sincere students of the Qur'an are worshipping servants of God. They do not degrade themselves by bowing in worship before even the greatest of the created. They are dignified servants who do not worship in order to obtain a benefit. even Paradise. They are modest students mild and gentle who only lower themselves voluntarily to their Creator never exceeding what He has permitted. They are aware of their weakness and need but are independent because the Munificent Owner provides them with spiritual wealth. Relying on their Master's infinite Power they are powerful. They act and strive purely for God's sake and pleasure and to be equipped with virtue. The training given by philosophy and the Qur'an may be understood through the above comparison.

[1] Pharaoh is a title given to the kings of ancient Egypt. This particular one lived during the time of Prophet Moses and was exceptionally arrogant and cruel. (Tr.)