It is clear that the One Who administers this world does so in accordance with an infinite wisdom. Do you need convincing? The proof lies in the way that the use and benefit in all things is manifested.

Have you not seen how many wise purposes are served by every limb and bone and vein in man by every cell of his brain and every particle of every cell in his body? Indeed the purposes are as numerous as the fruits of a tree which confirms that all is arranged in accordance with infinite wisdom. A further proof is the absolute orderliness in the fashioning of all things. In short there are universal purposes for man's earthly existence. As is declared in The Holy Book. "Did you reckon that We only created you in vain and that to Us you would not be returned? So exalted is God (from exerting Himself in what is vain) the Sovereign the Truth. There is no god but He; Lord of the Noble Throne (23:115-16)." man has not been created for mere play or sport. The grave eternal non-existence is not the goal of his life. He has been created for another eternal life where all his acts will have prepared for him a very large eternal world full of either eternal beauties and blessings or evils and wickedness.