There is a basic relation between man and the outer world. When man comes into the world he finds himself enveloped by an amiable environment. He is born equipped with senses and there are things in the outer world to be sensed by him.

Also he has feelings like compassion pity and caring and love and there are many things in the world to be loved cared for and pitied. He feels hungry and thirsty and he feels cold and heat. Fortunately he finds the things with which he will satisfy his hunger and thirst and with which he will warm and cool himself either already prepared before or in a form he can obtain with a slight effort.

As an example let us take an apple. With its color and beauty it appeals to our eyes and our sense of beauty. With its taste it addresses itself to our sense of taste. With the vitamins it has it nourishes our bodies. Despite our need of its nutriments if it were something ugly and tasteless we would be disgusted with it and so deprived of its nourishment.

All this together with many other 'natural' facts clearly shows that there is One Who has both created man and prepared the environment for him and that One Who has infinite Knowledge and Power. He knows man with all his needs capacities and qualities as He knows 'nature' down to its minutest building blocks which are atoms or particles or quarks.

As another example reproduction depends on mutual love and attraction between sexes. If God the One Who has both created man and prepared the environment for him had not placed in the male and female love for and attraction towards each other and if He had not given them the wage of reproduction in advance as sexual pleasure and again if He had not ingrained in them a great love and caring for their offspring mankind would not have reproduced and would have become an extinct race consisting of only the first male and female.