All of the Prophets whose numbers are recorded in reliable religious sources to be 124.000 unanimously reported the existence of angels spirit beings jinn and Satan. Saints and religious scholars are all agreed on the existence of this invisible realm and it goes without saying that two specialists in a matter are preferable to thousands who are not specialists. In addition it is an established fact that once a matter was confirmed by two persons then its denial by thousands carries no weight. Furthermore all the people of religion the followers of almost all religions have unanimously accepted the existence of these beings.

Besides all the Divine Scriptures record the existence of angels the spirit and jinn and the story of Satan and his intrigues to seduce man exist in all of them. Above all is it possible to doubt the report of the Holy Book and to doubt the testimony and experiences of the holy Prophet Muhammad? The proofs of the Divine authorship of the Holy Book and the mission of Prophethood and the Prophethood of Muhammad and all the other Prophets also serve as the proofs of the invisible realm of existence that is the existence of the spirit angels jinn and Satan.

The best and most rational and acceptable way of establishing the existence of these beings is that expounded by Islam described by the Holy Book and witnessed by the one who performed the Ascension. The Holy Book explains the meaning of the angelic existence so reasonably that every sensible person can understand it. As the Holy Book puts it mankind is a community responsible for carrying out the Divine Commandments issuing from the Divine Attribute of Speech and the angels constitute a community whose 'working class' carry out the Divine Laws of nature issuing from the Attribute of Will. They are God's honored servants who perform whatever He commands them. The existence of the angels and other spirit beings can be established by proving the existence of an individual angel because their denial amounts to the denial of the species. Thus the acceptance of the individual requires the acceptance of the whole species.