Twenty‑second window: Consider the following verses:

Have We not made Earth a cradle and the mountains masts? We have created you as pairs. (78:6‑8)

Look at the imprints of God's Mercy how He revives Earth after its death! (30:50)

Earth is like a head containing innumerable mouths with  innumerable tongues. each of which has innumerable proofs testifying in innumerable ways to an All‑Majestic One's necessary Existence and Unity to One Who is powerful over all things and knows everything and to His sacred Attributes and Beautiful Names.

At first. Earth was a liquid matter that was transformed into a rock stratum. Earth [as we know it] was made out of this rock. If it had retained its liquid form it would have been uninhabitable. If it had remained as rock hard like iron it would not have been suitable for us. And so we know that an All‑Wise Maker's Wisdom. One Who is aware of the needs of Earth's inhabitants gave it its present form.

Earth's stratum of soil was laid over the feet of mast‑like mountains which provide an outlet for its internal quakes and so it could continue its duty and movements without diversion. Mountains protect Earth's surface from the oceans' invasion. They are treasuries for the vital necessities of living creatures air filters that purify the air of harmful gasses store water and are sources of necessary minerals. Given this as well as their other duties and aspects. mountains testify to an Absolutely Powerful. All‑Wise. Compassionate One's necessary Existence and Unity.

So. O geologist how do you explain this? Could chance have made this Divine ship a display of wonders full of wonderful creatures? Can chance cause this ship to travel at an incredible speed without losing anything arranged on its surface? Look at the wonderful kinds of art on Earth's face. See how wisely elements have been charged with duties how beautifully they look after the All‑Merciful One's guests here at the command of a Powerful. Wise One and hasten to serve them!

Among unique and wonderful works of art consider those lines of embroidery on Earth's multicolored face that display striking instances of wisdom. See how He makes brooks and streams seas and rivers mountains and hills serve as dwellings and transport for some of His creatures and servants. Innumerable tongues testify to an All‑Powerful One of Majesty's necessary Existence and Unity to an All‑Wise One of Perfection Who populates Earth with countless plant and animal species in perfect wisdom and order; Who causes it to prosper with life; Who discharges those inhabitants in regular cycles from their duties through death; and Who regularly refills it and revives it after its death in a way analogous to the Resurrection.

In short. Earth's face exhibits the wonders of His art is an assembly arena of exquisite creatures a thoroughfare for the troops of creatures and a place of worship and dwelling for His servants. It is like the universe's heart and so shows a light of Divine Unity as broad as the universe.

So. O geographer! If you do not recognize God while Earth's head makes Him known via innumerable mouths containing infinite tongues and if you submerge your head in the swamp of naturalism consider the extent of your error. Becoming aware of the severe punishment you will thereby deserve come to your senses. Raise your head from the swamp and say: "I believe in God in Whose hands is the dominion of all things!"