Time passes you see all at once it is spring-time
With roses in bloom nightingales singing tulips cover all land.

Flowers breathe in profusion of color and fragrance.
Birds fly insects spring enraptured with songs of spring.

Trees branch and leaf swaying winds carry afar the perfumed air.
A dance of ecstasy rhythm animates all living things.

In such a setting death appears with a smile of hope:
for springtime is a light veil over the face of Paradise.

Whoever can raise this veil can find the Eternal One.
Transported within from this-to other-worldliness.

Let others complain how remote eternity is how impossible to attain:
How can they be concerned who have attained it in themselves?

Let others complain how the world has shrunk and suffocates.
Those who believe will find everywhere spacious without space:

Whoever seeks peace can find it only in belief;
But only those moved by belief can understand this.

As the gaze moves on all those beauties of spring themselves
Are drunk on messages contained in spring stroll at ease in Paradise.

What is death to them except dropping in soil like seeds.
To revive as sweet-blossoming fruit-promised trees.