Furthermore man is a being who has innumerable complex feelings. He loves or hates rejoices or becomes grieved feels happy or sad hopes or becomes desperate cherishes ambitions and imagines and feels relieved or bored and so an. Also he likes or dislikes appreciates or disregards and he fears or becomes timid or he becomes encouraged and feels enthusiastic and he repents becomes excited and longs. If we look through a dictionary we can come across hundreds of words used to express man’s feelings. And there are great differences among human beings with respect to feelings also. Besides he may reflect on events happening around him or on beauties in creation and develops in learning. He also makes comparisons and reasons and then comes to believe in the Creator of all things. Then through worship and any following His Commandments he develops morally and spiritually and becomes a perfect man. So how can we explain all these phenomena other than by admitting the conscious part of man which is his spirit? Can we attribute them to chemical processes in the brain?