If we regard man as a physical entity only made up of blood bones flesh and tissues and attribute all his movements to biochemical processes in the brain we should not recognize any set of laws to obey. For as we have said earlier a man’s body is renewed every six months.
Suppose a man is being tried in a court for a murder he committed a year before. The following exchange ensues between him and the judge:

— When did you commit that crime?

— A year ago.

The judge announces the verdict:

— Since the murder was committed a year ago and the cells of this man who is accused of committing it including those of his fingers which pulled the trigger were completely replaced with new ones and therefore since it is impossible to punish the one who committed the murder the jury has decided on his acquittal.

So man is not solely a physical entity and his movements feelings thoughts beliefs and decisions are not the result of biochemical processes in his brain. The main part of man’s being is his spirit which is alive and conscious and which feels thinks believes wills decides and which commands the body. The body is the instrument of the spirit which the spirit uses to put its decisions into action.