The spirit is a simple entity which issues from the world of Divine Commands. In order to be manifested and function in the material visible world it needs material means. As the body is unable to get in touch with the world of symbols or immaterial forms the spirit cannot establish any contact with this world without the mediation of the heart the brain and other organs and limbs of the body.
The spirit functions as we have just said through all the nerves cells and other elements of the body. Therefore if something wrong happens to a system or organ of the body the relation of the spirit with that system or organ is disconnected and the spirit can no longer command it. If the failure or ‘illness’ causing the disconnection is big enough to cut the relation of the spirit with the whole of the body the event which we call death happens.

Although some coarse meaningless movements are observed in hands or fingers as the result of stimulating certain areas of the brain those movements are like some confused meaningless sounds produced by pressing the keys of a piano at random. Or rather those movements are some automatic responses of the body to any stimulation coming about as the result of the automatic working of the body. Therefore in order that the body can produce meaningful movements it needs the spirit which is conscious and has free will.

Although psycho-analysists like Freud have tried to make different explanations dreams cannot be said to consist in jumbled activities of the subconscious self. Almost everyone has had several dreams which have brought news of the future and have come true. Also many scientific or technological discoveries have taken place as the result of ‘true’ dreams. So as will be discussed later dreams point to the existence of a part of man which can see in a different way while man himself is sleeping. This part is the spirit.

Although the spirit sees with the eyes smells with the nose hears with the ears and so on there is a considerable number of examples of people who have demonstrated an ability to see with their fingers or the tips of their noses and smell with there heels.