Question: The very great complaints and massing of forces against the people of misguidance in the All Wise Book does not appear to the reason to be conformable with its equitable and apt eloquence and the congruence and moderation of its style. It is quite simply as though it is mustering armies against a single man. And it threatens him on account of one minor action as though he had committed thousands of crimes. And it affords him a position and complains about him as though he was an aggressive partner despite his being bankrupt and having no share of the property. What is the reason for this and the wisdom in it?

Answer: The reason and wisdom in it is this: because the evil spirits and those who follow them take the path of misguidance they can cause great destruction with a small act and they can violate the rights of many creatures and cause much harm with a small deed.

For example through some small action or neglecting a small duty a man on the large merchant ship of a king can be the cause of all the efforts of those employed on the ship and all the fruits of their labor being lost and going for nothing. The illustrious owner of the ship therefore complains about and threatens the rebellious man in awesome fashion on account of all his subjects who are connected with the ship. And he inflicts a terrible punishment on him taking into account not his insignificant action but its dreadful results not in his own name but in that of the rights of his subjects.

In exactly the same way through their apparently insignificant mistakes and sins the people of misguidance. Satan's party who are on the ship of the earth together with the people of guidance transgress against the rights of numerous creatures and nullify the results of their elevated duties. The Monarch of Pre-Eternity and Post-Eternity's awesome threats and complaints about them therefore and His mobilization of forces against them are pure wisdom within perfect eloquence and are most apt and appropriate. And it is in conformity with the requirements of the situation which is the definition of eloquence and its basis. And it is free of exaggeration which is wastefulness in words.

It is clear that the state of one who does not take refuge in a secure stronghold in the face of terrible enemies who wreak much destruction with little action will be wretched.

That heavenly stronghold of steel is the Holy Book. Enter it and be saved!