Belief in the Resurrection prevents the young from a dissipated life and inculcates hope in the hearts of the old approaching nearer to the grave with every passing day. It is again belief in the Resurrection which gives children the power of endurance in the face of the death of their loved ones.

A child who believes that he will be re-united in a far better world with his beloved ones he has lost finds true consolation in belief in the Resurrection. Everyone including the old and the young the male and female the rich and the poor is in as much need of belief in the Resurrection as of air water and bread.

Belief in the Resurrection means absorption of peace. For this reason intellectuals who aim at peace and security in public life should emphasize this belief. For those who are convinced of what The Holy Book's verses declare"Whoever does an atom's weight of good shall see it and whoever does an atom's weight of evil shall see it (99:7-8)" will live a responsible life and a community composed of such people will find true peace and happiness. When you inculcate this belief in the hearts of young people they will no longer be a harmful element in the society and put their energies in the service of their nation and humanity.