Whatever we need we are provided with it for almost nothing. The more necessary for life a thing is the more abundant it is in nature and cheaper.

What we need the most is air which is for nothing. Then comes water and it is almost for nothing. God sends it out of His infinite Mercy. We have no part in or contribution to its formation. Afterwards we direly need heat and light and the sun sends them for nothing again. As for the other bounties we are blessed with they are extremely cheap. (Poor man! He is blind to all these miraculous acts of God and demands to see a miracle in order to believe in God!) Whatever we do to procure them is only exerting a little effort. However if all these bounties or blessings were not going to be given to us eternally and in a much better fashion fear of death would change them into poison whenever we take a morsel or a sip or a molecule of them.

Thanks to God’s being eternal with all His Names and Attributes. He will provide us eternally and without asking us to make any effort with ever better forms of all the bounties He bestows on us here in this world and thus does not change His blessings into pains because of fear of death and makes death into a changing of worlds a discharge from worldly duties an invitation to the eternal abode He has prepared for us and a passport to go to that abode.