Yes. Islam is sufficient to deal with every problem. What we say on this subject has already been said by many people. The many conversions to Islam even in the West are a strong argument of the ability of Islam to solve a diversity of problems.
Who knows how to run a factory better than its designer and builder? When we want to get a simple electronic device to work we consult someone about it before we use it. In the same way. He who created man knows best how both his individual and social life should be conducted. God created man therefore the best and the most suitable system is the one that He determined and gave to mankind.

The world is moving towards a new understanding of Islam and there is a widespread conviction that the problems which mankind has hitherto been unable to solve will be solved by Islam. If even the opponents of a person appreciate his virtues he is indeed worthy of admiration. Today even the opponents of Islam seem to have recognized its virtues.