The universal providence and favor included in the universal wisdom which is clearly apparent in the purposeful creation of things and the comprehensive mercy evident from the providence and the universal sustenance required by that mercy in order to provide all living beings with the food they need form a seal of Divine Unity so brilliant that anyone who has not altogether lost his power of sight and reasoning will see and understand it.

Like an individual being in need of sustenance to maintain its life we see that all the beings in the world especially the living beings whether universal or particular wholes or parts have many demands and needs material and otherwise for their existence lives and the maintenance of their lives. They need such things that although they are unable to obtain the least of them we see that all their requirements their material and immaterial sustenance are met for them in a way and from a place unexpected and with perfect order at the appropriate time in a suitable fashion with perfect wisdom. Does this want and need of creatures and this way of help and assistance from the Unseen not show as clearly as the sun an All Wise Nurturer of Majesty an All Compassionate Provider of Grace?