Another of Satan's cunning wiles is to prevent man admitting his faults so that the way of seeking forgiveness and taking refuge with God should be closed. He also incites the egotism of the human soul so that the soul defends itself like a lawyer quite simply acquitting it of all faults.

Yes a soul that listens to Satan does not want to see its own faults. Even if it does see them it explains them away in a hundred ways. According to the saying: "The eye of contentment is blind to faults." when a person looks with pleasure on his soul he does not see its faults. And because he does not see its faults he does not admit to them and does not seek forgiveness nor seek refuge with God from them and becomes the plaything of Satan. How can the soul be relied on when a noble prophet like Joseph said: "Nor do I absolve my own self [of blame]; the [human] soul is certainly prone to evil unless my Sustainer do bestow His mercy (12:53)?"

One who accuses his soul sees its faults. And one who admits his faults seeks forgiveness for them. And one who seeks forgiveness takes refuge with God. And one who takes refuge with God is saved from Satan's evil. Not to see his faults is a greater fault than the first fault. And not to admit to his faults is a serious defect. If he sees the fault it ceases to be a fault. If he admits it he becomes worthy of forgiveness.