This world is the arena where God manifests His Will from behind the veil of what we experience and describe as ‘natural causes’ but life is the result of the direct manifestation of His Name the Ever-Living. So as long as science insists on its positivistic even materialistic viewpoint it will never penetrate the mystery of what life is.

Scientists restrict the concept of life to the conditions that obtain on or beneath the outer surface of our planet. Therefore when they have looked for extra-terrestrial life what they have looked for is conditions which are the same as or closely correspondent to the conditions in which life is evident on the surface of the earth. But surely if they had retained a sufficient sense of the absolute wonder of life (and that absolute wonder is an aspect of life’s being a direct manifestation of the Ever-Living) they should not have ruled out forms and conditions of life which are at present beyond their understanding. In their view the arguments put forward by Bediuzzaman for the existence of angels and other spirit beings may not be worthy of consideration. However the latest discoveries in deep-sea biology may persuade them to review Nursi’s arguments.