Besides religious scholars almost all of Muslim philosophers even all Oriental philosophers are agreed on the existence of angels and spirit beings of all kinds although there have been some differences in naming them. Of the schools of philosophy the Peripatetics who were much inclined to rationalism even to materialism in thought had to admit the existence of angels on the grounds that there exists a spiritual incorporeal essence of each species. As for the Illuminists they could not deny the existence of angels but wrongly called them ‘Ten Intellects and Masters of Species’. On the other hand the followers of all the Divine religions guided by the Divine Revelation have believed that there is an angel in charge of each kind of existence. They called them by the name of that kind of existence such as ‘the Angel of the mountains the Angel of the seas the Angel of rain’ and so on. Even the naturalists and materialists who have restricted themselves only to what they see cannot help but admit the meaning of the angels by calling them ‘pervasive forces’.