The existence of the angels and other spirit beings can be established by proving the existence of an individual angel because their denial amounts to the denial of the species. Thus the acceptance of the individual requires the acceptance of the whole species. Does it not suffice to prove the existence of the angels and other spirit beings that all the people of religion from the beginning have unanimously believed in their existence and that a consensus has been formed that some human beings have seen and conversed with them and related from them.

Had the angels not existed and if a single angel had not been seen or the existence of one or numerous individual angels not been established through observation would it have been possible for such a general belief to continue and had this belief not been based on strong evidences could it have come down to the present time in spite of the changing of ideas and beliefs along with the passage of time? Besides is it possible that such a religious belief and the consensus of the religious scholars is not based on a certain intuition and an experienced certainty which originated in countless signs and numerous experiences? Therefore we can conclude that the religious belief in the existence of the angels and other spirit beings is based on the experiences which the Prophets and some other godly persons have had with them and this has been narrated by reliable sources.