O Lord! A person knocks on the door of a palace which is not opened to him or her with the call of him or her who is esteemed in that palace and whose call is familiar with its inhabitants. So since I am too wretched to knock on the door of the Court of Your Mercy. I knock on it with the call and supplication of Uways al‑Qarani one of Your servants whom You love. Open that Court of Yours to me as you opened it to him. I call as he did:

O God. You are my Lord; I am a slave.
You are the Creator; I am the one created.
You are the Provider; I am the one provided.
You are the Owner; I am the one owned.
You are the Mighty and Glorious;
I am the one abased and wretched.
You are the Absolutely Rich One;
I am the one absolutely poor.
You are the All‑Living; I am the one dead.
You are the All‑Permanent; I am the one mortal.
You are the All‑Munificent; I am the one miserly.
You are the All‑Benevolent; I am the one doing ill.
You are the All‑Forgiving; I am the one sinful.
You are the Grand One; I am the one despicable.
You are the All‑Strong; I am the one weak.
You are the Giver; I am the one begging.
You are the One Giving Security; I am the one in fear.
You are the All‑Generous; I am the one in utmost need.
You are the One Answering pleas; I am the one pleading.
You are the All‑Healing One; I am the one sick.
So forgive my sins spare me and heal my ills. O God! O All‑Sufficing One! O Lord! O Faithful One! O Most Compassionate One! O Healer! O Munificent One! O Restorer to Health! Pardon all my sins restore me to health from all illnesses. and be pleased with me for all eternity! Through Your Mercy. O Most Merciful of the Merciful!
The end of their call will be: All praise be to God the Lord of the Worlds.