Consider the following verses:

In the name of God the Merciful the Compassionate.

God is the Creator of everything and He is Guardian over everything; unto Him belong the keys of the heavens and Earth. (39:62)

So glory be to him in Whose hand is the dominion of everything and unto Whom you are being brought back. (36:83)

There is not a thing but its treasuries are with Us and We send it down but in a due and certain measure. (15:21)

There is no creature that moves but He takes it by the forelock. Surely my Lord is on a straight path. (11:56)

In my "Katra" (A Drop from the Ocean of Divine Unity's Proofs) which discusses belief in God the first and most important of the pillars of belief. I briefly explained that every creature shows and bears witness to God's Existence and Unity in 55 ways. In my "Nukta." I mentioned four universals out of the evidences for Almighty God's Existence and Unity. In my [12] Arabic treatises. I discussed hundreds of decisive proofs for All‑Mighty God's Existence and Unity. Thus I will not discuss the matter here in great depth but only relate 12 gleams from the sun of belief in God. I have written about these briefly elsewhere in the Risale‑i Nur.