Thirty-first window: Consider the following verses:

We have created humanity in the fairest creation and in the best pattern. (95:4)

In Earth are signs for the people of certainty and in your selves. Will you still not have insight? (51:20‑21)

This window discusses humanity and a person's inner world. As detailed explanations are available in many scholarly books we   will mention only a few fundamentals we have obtained from the Qur'an's enlightenment. As explained in The Eleventh Word and others each human being is such a comprehensive copy (of existence) that Almighty God makes all of His Names perceived by the individual through his or her self. Here we discuss only the following three points:

First point: Human beings are mirrors to the Divine Names in three aspects:

First aspect: Just as the night's darkness suggests light all people point through their weakness and impotence destitution and neediness. imperfection and defects to an All‑Powerful One of Majesty's Power. Force. Wealth. Mercy and so on. Thus each person becomes a mirror to many of God's Attributes. Searching for a point of support against countless obstacles and enemies in our infinite weakness and impotence our conscience is always turned toward the Necessarily Existent Being.

Our infinite destitution and neediness compel us to look for a point of assistance in order to realize our innumerable aims and so our conscience always tends to receive support from the Court of a Compassionate. Wealthy One. and we petition Him for our needs. Thus with respect to our need for a point of support and of assistance two small windows open from each person's conscience onto a Compassionate All‑Powerful One's Court of Mercy through which we can look to Him.

Second aspect: Each of us has a specific God‑given knowledge power. sight hearing ownership and sovereignty. As a result we function as a mirror to the (Attributes of) Absolute Knowledge. Power. Sight. Hearing and Ownership of the universe's Owner and His Lordship's sovereignty. Each person understands them and makes them known. For example: "I built this house and know how to build it. I own see and administer it. So this huge palace of the universe must have a builder who knows sees and administers it."

Third aspect: Each person functions as a mirror to the Divine Names inscribed upon him or her. As stated at the beginning of the Third Station of The Thirty‑second Word the inscriptions of more than 70 Divine Names are apparent in our comprehensive nature. For example we build something and thereby manifest the Names the Maker. Creator and Giver of Form. By being the best pattern and the fairest creation we demonstrate the Names the Most Merciful and Most Compassionate. Our good sustenance and upbringing display the Names the All‑Munificent and All‑Gracious. All our bodily systems and parts. members and organs faculties and features and senses and feelings display different inscriptions of different Divine Names. Just as there is the Greatest Name among the Divine Names the greatest among the inscriptions of the Names is humanity.

If you know yourself to be human read yourself. Otherwise you may remain human only in appearance.

Second point: This relates to a significant mystery of God's Oneness: Each person's spirit has a unifying function in regard to his or her body for it causes all bodily members and parts to help each other. In other words the spirit a conscious law of Divine Command issuing from Divine Will and a faculty breathed into each of us by God and clothed in a perceptible existence is not confused by the signals coming from all bodily elements. Rather the spirit meets all of their needs simultaneously. Distance or nearness are irrelevant. and bodily organs do not prevent each other from communicating with it. When necessary the spirit can send most bodily elements to help a single one or move all bodily parts at once. It also can know perceive and govern through any of them. If it has refined and purified itself thereby acquiring sufficient luminosity it can see and hear through any bodily part.

Seeing that the spirit a law of Divine Command.[6]  displays such abilities in our bodies the Necessarily Existent Being cannot be confused by countless actions sounds and voices invocations and deeds. His universal Will and absolute Power deal with all of them at once and without confusion for the Majestic Creator sees all things and hears all sounds and voices. As distance has no meaning for Him. He can send if He wills all things to help one thing.

Third point: Life has a significant nature and an important duty. Since this has been detailed in the Twenty‑third Window as well as The Twentieth Letter's Eighth Phrase we recall here only the following point: The complex and complicated senses feelings and sentiments boiling in life point to many of God's Names and Attributes. They function as clear mirrors to the Ever‑Living. Self‑Subsistent One's essential Qualities and acts. Since it is not appropriate to discuss this matter before those who deny God and belief in Him. we stop here.

[6] 2The spirit has the same meaning for the body as for example the law of growth has for a tree. However. the spirit in contrast to all Divine Laws related to the universe's creation and operation is alive conscious and has a perceptible existence.