Twenty-eighth window: Consider the following verse:

Among His signs are His creation of the heavens and Earth and the difference of your tongues and colors. Surely in this are signs for those who know. (30:22)

We see an all‑inclusive wisdom and ordering in the universe from a body's cells to the world. When looking at a body's cells we see a significant organization and arrangement by the command and law of the One Who sees and governs all bodily functions and needs. The body stores nourishment as fat to be used when needed and cells also have this ability to store. We see a wise organization cultivation and nursery in plants; a generous subsistence and breeding in animals; a majestic management and illumination in the universe's pillar‑like parts each of which serves important purposes; and a perfectly planned and ordered world for certain sublime instances of wisdom and exalted purposes.

As explained and argued in the First Station of The Twenty‑second Word these facts make it impossible to associate any partner with God. From the tiniest particle to the largest star everything is intertwined and interrelated in such a way that one who does not subjugate and manage stars cannot dominate a particle. Also as explained and argued in the Second Station of The Twenty‑second Word one who cannot create the heavens and put them in an exact order cannot give anyone a unique face.

All of this forms a window as large as the universe so that if we look through it both the person's and the mind's eye see clearly that the meaning of: God is the Creator of all things and He is a Guardian a Watcher over all things. His are the keys of the heavens and Earth... (39:62‑63) are inscribed on the pages of the universe in capital letters. Those who do not see them have no eyes or heart or only appear to be human.