Question: We would like a brief concise explanation of how humanity (the microcosm) and the universe (the macrocosm) point to God's necessary Existence and Unity as well as His Lordship's essential Qualities and Attributes which the two parts of the comprehensive verse above denote.

In the Name of God the Merciful the Compassionate.

We shall show them Our signs in the outer world and in themselves until it becomes clear to them that it is the truth. Is it not enough that your Lord is a witness over all things? (41:53)

Answer: The 32 Words written so far are 32 drops from the ocean of the truths poured out by that verse. Your question is answered therein. The following only points to the droplets of a drop from that ocean.

If a miracle‑displaying person wants to build a large palace first he lays the foundation firmly according to his purpose for building it. Next he divides it into apartments and rooms skillfully and then furnishes and decorates them. After that he illuminates the palace with electric lights. He shows his other skills and ever‑renewed bountifulness by making additions changes and transformations in every wing and apartment. He establishes a communication system linking every apartment and room and opens windows in every room so that his rank and true identity may be displayed and the inhabitants of the palace may contact him.

Similarly the Creator. Who is beyond compare and called by 1.001 holy Names. such as Wise Ruler and Just Judge willed to make that palace of the universe. that Tree of Creation which is the macrocosm. He laid the palace's (and tree's) foundations in 6 "days" and built the main body with the principles of His Wisdom and rules of His eternal Knowledge. Dividing it into levels and branches. He ramified and elaborated it with the principles of His Decree and Destiny. Then He formed and organized creatures in groups families and species and ordered the life of each with the principles of His art and favoring.

After that. He adorned each thing and world in a unique way. For example. He adorned the sky with stars and Earth with flowers. He manifested His Names in those vast arenas where His universal laws and all‑inclusive principles are in force and illuminated them. Following that by manifesting His Names the Most Merciful and Most Compassionate. He came to the aid of each individual creature. which cried at the pressure of those universal laws.

That means that He has within His universal and all‑inclusive rules special favors and help as well as particular manifestations that encourage every being to turn to Him at any time and ask Him to meet any of its needs. Also in order to make His Existence and Unity evident. He opened windows on Himself from all apartments all levels of creation and worlds all groups of existence and individuals and all things. Furthermore. He left a phone in every heart.

Now referring those innumerable windows to the all‑comprehensive Divine Knowledge the discussion of which is beyond our capacity in a happy correspondence with the 33 repetitions of the phrases of glorifying and praising God and of affirming His Greatness after each prescribed prayer and under the title of the 33rd Word we shall be content with a brief allusion to 33 of them originating from the Qur'an's verses.