I wonder whether we can study as consciously and appreciatively as we should this book of nature which stretches before us with its ‘lines’ ‘embroidered in silk threads’ and each page of which is an exhibition of different types of beauties. This brilliant and magnificent book offered to us contemplation in the embrace of the sun every season of it having a different beauty and elegance is a source of reference and a mine of happiness and energy requiring careful analysis.

If we can study this book in the ‘light’ coming from heaven and also in the light of the ‘lamp’ lit in our souls and thereby feel elevated into the realms of existence on the wings of belief and knowledge we will never fall into pessimism and feel loneliness. Rather we will overflow with happiness each moment through a different ‘pleasure’.

Stagnant waters become mossy; inactive limbs are subject to over-calcification. By contrast waterfalls are always clean. Those who always keep their brains active and souls purified will one day see that they have germinated numerous ‘seeds of beauty’ in themselves and all their efforts have come to fruition. Only ploughed land can be sown; only gardens trimmed and trees pruned yield the best fruit.

As the nettles invading our gardens do so because of our neglect so the malice we nourish is the outcome of our heedlessness. The active and vigilant souls look upon things and events through the windows of their pure thoughts and good feelings and are united with the whole of existence. Why should they not be united with it seeing that each thing or being is a ‘word’ brought into existence by the "Pen of Divine Power"?

If we can look upon this world where each living creature blossoms out and blooms with the eyes of our hearts or souls we will be able to see that every part of it is filled with the miraculous works of Divine Power: each tree for example is a lovely living organism in whose veins the life of water runs and a worshipper of God which entreats Him with its arms –branches – opened; earth is ever-active with the excitement of new revivals at each moment and through its co-operation with the sun air and water everywhere is covered with ‘green’ and moves to flowering and then fruiting.

If only man can remove the veil between his soul and eyes to see the reality of things then the book of nature which surrounds us with all its beauties colours smells and dazzling designs will be reflected in his soul and saving him from the imprisonment of fancies and indulgences take him through the corridors of Paradise. He will then find that everywhere he can reach with his sight and imagination is decorated with the most delicious of fruits and the most striking of views in which his heart spirit eyes and ears will all have share to enrapture himself with happiness.

The Power that endowed us with the faculties of tasting and benefiting has made our natural environment like gardens of Paradise. How splendid then it is to perceive the connection between Paradise and our natural environment to fill with spiritual effulgence and how blessed and beneficial is the Hidden One Who enlightens us with every natural phenomenon.

The infinite beauty around us has displayed itself since the very beginning of the world through each day with ever-fresh blessings and meanings to point to Him. Through this ever-renewed display these ever-fresh blossoms and meanings like every other thing or being man is also renewed and takes on different individualities. Those who live unaware of this renewal are blind and deaf to what happens around them. As for those who are fortunate enough to find themselves amidst the beauties of nature they will dive into this abundant ‘stream’ and finally reach the ‘ocean’.

Those blessed ones each being a drop individually but having become through collective consciousness like the ‘ocean of existence’ itself will never feel loneliness and unburdening themselves to their Creator they will petition Him to ‘heal’ their ‘wounds’ and meet their needs. Their deep connection with Him will fly them to the innermost spheres of both their own and external existence and they will attain the dazzling climes which eyes are unable to see and minds to perceive.

The inner world of one who has discovered his being is as deep and bright as heavens as vast as space and as colourful and heart-warming as gardens of Paradise. Through the torches he has lighted in his inner being he sees all the veils removed from things and events and sees them enlightened.

Every truth appears like a spark in man with its own splendour and then being ignited becomes a flood of light by which masses discover the ways to eternity grasp the mystery of distances and are saved from bewilderment.

What now falls upon the fortunate generation who have realized both intellectual and spiritual enlightenment is to convey to all parts of the world that Divine Light which will provide people with a new perspective to evaluate things and events.