Sublime ideals high objectives influential and universal projects can only be realized by those who soar high who remain firm who proceed on their route steadily who present a determined stance and who are motivated by heavenly ecstasies. What we need now is not ordinary people but rather people devoted to divine reality who think to a lofty degree; people who by putting into practice their thoughts lead first of all their own nation and then all people to enlightenment and help them find God—in other words dedicated spirits people who think what needs to be thought who know what needs to be known who without hesitation practice what they know and who wander like Israfil who is on the verge of blowing the last trumpet in order to prepare dead spirits for the Day of Resurrection and who instill hope in everybody. These are people whose hearts beat with sincerity who cry out the inspirations of their hearts by speaking if they are capable of expressing it by writ-ing if they can by means of the magic of poetry if they are poets and with the fascination of music if they are lovers of music.

When it comes to exemplifying these heroes on the stage they journey throughout the world ultimately with a spirit of sacred emigration they whisper with the language of their hearts to those they visit they promote love throughout their surroundings; they inculcate love in the spirits they meet and establish thrones of love in their bosoms. Through these people those spirits that thirst for love and friendship are revitalized and it is to them that these revived spirits lend an ear. Both those who emigrate with this kind of feeling and those that welcome them are aloof from all waywardness and are sincere. There are no vested interests between the ones that speak and those that listen between the ones that display the essence and meaning in their nature and those who observe between the ones that support and the supported ones between the ones that bring the bowl of life and those who are awakened to the reality. Nor is there any consideration other than that of God’s consent. These profound and sincere relations emanate entirely from universal human values and from the common respect that is felt for them.

The roses blooming all over the world today take on their hue from the enlightened faces and the comprehension in the spirits of these people the social geography is being embroidered with their thinking and it is as if all of humanity is humming these ageless melodies. Considering their sources these pure feelings and thoughts may seem to be mere droplets. Nonetheless for those who can conceive the profound meaning held within them are like boundless seas foaming with inspiration.

As is required by the task itself this cavalry of the light which appears to illuminate only their surroundings for a fleeting moment are now compet-ing in the same way that rain clouds pour down on us bliss joy love and hope to turn those dry hearts that crave tolerance and love into the gardens of Paradise. It can be claimed that the Earth from one end to the other is heavy with the seeds they have scattered and is impatiently expecting a blessed birth. In the same way all human beings are exhilarated to see the signs of this blessed event. Though the voices and tunes may vary what is felt deep in the hearts is always the same. And the winds of dawn are bringing a voice from the river of life to Job and wafting the Abrahamic scent from Joseph’s shirt to Jacob.

This can be regarded as our final attempt our advancing to our true posi-tion as well as being seen as an alternative message of revitalization addressed to humanity. As a matter of fact nations that have been wrung with various crises have also been awaiting such a breeze of hope. How fortunate are the blessed cadre to be the fuse to such an event. And again how fortunate are the ones whose breasts are receptive to this breeze.

We sincerely believe that the hue and design of the world are going to change and that humanity will relax with these heroes who are dedicated to upholding the monuments of human values. In the future world human thought will most probably intensify its light through these people; human goals will be reached and many of our ideals will be realized through them. These ideals will be realized to such an extent that they will transcend our most utopian dreams. Indeed all these will certainly take place one day and when the time comes those with empty hearts and gloomy fortunes will re-pent weep and ask for forgiveness from these enlightened spirits. However it will be too late for them to compensate for opportunities missed. If only these evil-feeling harsh and rough spirits could be a bit more grateful and honest before the day arrives a day when they will desperately feel regret then they would not blacken their future.

Endeavoring to enlighten every part of the world with a devotion that is suitable for the companions of the Prophet peace and blessings be upon him disregarding their own desires and acting in order to live for others without ostentation—on the contrary always acting humbly—these legendary heroes are displaying today despite many negative factors a generosity rarely matched in history; they have come to serve humanity. They are whispering something from the bottom of their hearts creating a Paradise on Earth by planting new saplings everywhere trying to express themselves and inviting everybody to eternity—always faithful determined decisive and hopeful for the future. The path on which they walk may seem hazardous. They however are aware of this. They have already taken into account that the roads will be difficult and treacherous that the bridges will be impassable and their roads will be blocked. They are also awaiting turmoil of hatred and enmity. It is true that they have an unshakable belief in the path that they follow. Yet they are always aware of the possibility that they may encounter obstacles that they have not conceived of before. For this very reason they take on these hardships as being peculiar to the divine path and they keep up their pace never losing any enthusiasm. Against these hardships they surrender to God taking refuge in the unshakable fortress of belief endeavoring to comprehend the era and the events in which they live and to walk to the horizon of God’s consent depending on His promise of achievement.

In fact it is detrimental for anyone to dissuade these righteous people who live with a reconciliation of heart and intellect to give up the values in which they believe. Nor can anyone prevent them from acting in accordance with God’s consent and from trying to inculcate their feelings and their Creator into the world. With this sense of responsibility and duty they have managed to stand like mountains and challenge storms and tempests to struggle with the elements and having discovered the secret of growing fruits in all seasons to grow roses and to sing songs of roses.

As far as their acts are concerned they are always as reliable as clock-work and they are exemplars of renewal freshness and righteousness. They lack neither harmony in their behavior nor bitterness in their expressions. Their hearts are as pure and clear as those of the angels and their tongues are faithful interpreters of their inner profundity. In this sense their attitude and acts are almost always objects of envy and their expressions arouse excitement. What they incessantly think of in their inner realms is the consideration of God; in their expressions there is an evident profound love of God a love of existence and tolerance affection care and forgiveness. Their unique objective is God’s consent. Their indispensable passion is to study and interpret the universe and phenomena correctly. The virtual hue of their nature is love and the bearing of their breasts to people.

The moment they present their stance toward God with their deepest love they melt and are able to penetrate the most solid of hearts and the harshest of natures with the magic key of love; there they try to live up to the distinction of the blessings of the Sublime Creator. They love and are loved; with a prophet-like ambition they stand like mountains against the most pitiless attacks. When looking around they look with divine eyes. Neither do they collapse in furious storms nor do they shake during the strongest quakes. They bear their breasts to the waves and the downpour that come and always display generosity.

These valiant ones are aware of what it is necessary to undertake this enormous task of seeking attainment of God’s consent and therefore they are ready to receive it no matter what the circumstances. In terms of their per-sonalities they are as minute and modest as a candle designed to burn and to enlighten and yet always motivated and ready to compete with saintly ones even if they do not appear to be competitive. Even when they appear to be still they are always lively determined and feverish in their inner activities. At times they like the seas water their environment with their waves or make distant places cool with clouds composed of their vapor. Near or far they provide the elixir of life everywhere and they wander as they inspire revival in listless bodies that have suffered over the ages. They tirelessly relate the tales in their hearts to others and keep aloof from any gossip or dis-putes that might bring about hatred in society.

As always they dream of being beneficial to people they feel sincerely in the depths of their spirits the agony and depression of others they adopt a welcoming stance to whoever visits them listening to their problems and grieving for them; they seek out the grief-stricken ones and rush with people who share the same passion to relieve the pain of others. At times they bravely face difficulties and plant roses with determination even in the midst of thorns. They are constantly singing of roses.

Sometimes under the influence of great pain and grief these people turn the hue of blood like a rose that is mourning the seeds that it has sent out into the world. At other times they become nearly exasperated and their melodies turn into wails. Despite all this they place their hands over their hearts and murmuring “All is with God.” they walk toward their purpose smiling and turning the places they frequent into green gardens. The people to whom they give a hand whom they have revived feel as if they have drunk from the elixir of life. Their helping hands are luminous like the White Hand of Moses. Their striving undoes all the spells of magicians making all the pharaonic thoughts surrender.

They have such inspiration and wealth that the wealth of Croesus is trivial in comparison. They can even reserve the entire world with this wealth and richness if they wish. The scales of charity—which is their life—is al-ways tipped on the generous side; so much so that it infuriates the devils.

They well know where to invest their lives. As a result they are ex-tremely good at bartering transient things for everlasting ones. Never do they waste their time nor do they accept falling behind in service. Their moral exertion is elevated their will power is strong and their resolution constant. Belief and action are an important discipline of their hearts and behavior. They fear no one save God and are always upright. They stand upright and walk humbly toward their goal of enlightening the whole world. They breathe out their holy thoughts like the winds sometimes scattering seeds around them and at other times letting them rain down distributing life over the surface of the Earth. Neither setbacks in their activities nor consecutive crises can shake them. They frequently renew their oaths and spend all the blessings God confers upon them on the reinforcement of their monumental spirits. Wherever religion piety and the approval of God can be found it is there that they endeavor to stay; they race toward the fulfillment of His orders. They take such great pains to succeed in worldly affairs that people who see these valiant ones take them to be people of the world unaware of the Hereaf-ter. When they see the love in them however they think of them as being of those of the highest rank.

They abhor being idle or wasting their lives. They are always active in restoring religious life by composing something if they are literate or by presenting a pen to those who are literate; they always strive to continue to make their contributions in the caravan of service. They love knowledge respecting the wise ones making friends with sensitive people and continu-ously mentioning the Beloved One in their conversations.

Even if there were no real people left on Earth even if all the horizons were obscured by dust even if the streets had been invaded by total depravity even if the thorns were to outnumber the roses even if the avenues were peopled with magpies and their singing drowned out that of the nightingales even if wasps were to fly around the honey bowls even if a terrifying jungle wilderness were to dominate the streets even if there was no respect left for knowledge even if knowledge had been driven from every door even if humanity had become a victim of disloyalty even if friendships had been forgotten and friends had become enemies they would still stand unshakable and say. “I stand even though all the others have collapsed! Everywhere may turn to desert. But since I have my tears for moisture it is not a problem. God has given me two feet on which to walk and two hands with which to work. I have belief as my capital and my territory is as vast as my heart. Opportunities to restore the world are awaiting me. With these opportunities. I can turn the whole world into a heaven. God willing. Why worry about the future when this land is so fertile? Moreover does not God promise to make one into a thousand in the other world?” And thus they advance despite collapsed bridges and blocked roads. Like a river they bring life to everything extinguishing the fires that are in everyone and that are found everywhere. Or like fire even though it puts itself out they protect people against the cold. Like candles they melt yet they provide light for thousands of eyes. The very road that they walk on is a common route for saints and it has never been witnessed that the walkers on this road have failed to arrive at their destinations.

They are constantly faithful and enthusiastic and they are generous enough to spend freely from all their belongings in the name of God. They spend their lives at feasts of giving hoping to find that what they have given of in this world has been multiplied. In their eyes there is no rank higher than that of preserving the religion and representing it across the world. They take this goal as their raison d’etre and live accordingly. All they are aware of is this thought; they come together for the purpose of projecting it and for deepening their togetherness by connecting it with God. The residents of the highest heavens applaud them too and ease their way on the roads in verification of their holy mission.

Never do they consider their own comfort and they always have God in their minds. They uphold “virtue.” promote human values open their hearts to everyone in a prophet-like manner and they live for others. In return for their generosity. God honors them with surprising privileges on a day when our feet and hands are of no use; He bestows them with feathers from the wings of the angels and awards them with a meeting with His holy Presence. God also includes them among the blessed ones treating them as His special guests and crowning all these blessings with His consent.