Children are very sensitive and delicate. They are extremely susceptible to misfortunes and easily affected by what befalls themselves and their families. When they lose one from their families when they are left orphans this darkens their world and throws them into great distress and despair.

When one of my sisters died in my childhood. I was greatly upset. I frequently went to her grave and prayed to God from the bottom of my heart: 'O God! Please bring her back to life again and let me see her beautiful face once more or let me die so as to be re-united with her!' So what else other than belief in the Resurrection belief in re-union with the beloved ones who emigrated to the other world can compensate for the loss of parents brothers and sisters and friends? Only when a child is convinced that his or her beloved one has flown to Paradise to a much better life than this and that one day they will be re-united again will he or she find true consolation to heal the wound of separation caused by death.