Civilization does not mean being rich and putting on fine airs nor does it mean satisfying carnal desires and leading a luxurious dissipated life. What it really means is being civil and courteous kind-hearted profound in thought and respectful to others.

Savage people are usually cruel oppressive and bloodthirsty as they usually live by plundering … However what about those civilized savages equipped with modern weaponry who are always seeking and finding subtle deceiving ways of shedding blood?

Communities based on the joining of science and morality have always established true civilizations. For this reason. Western civilization remains paralyzed because it is based mainly on science and Eastern (Asian) civilizations are not "true" because in their present conditions they have no scientific background. The civilization of the future will have to be founded upon a combination of Western science and Eastern faith and morality.

Civilization means more than scientific advancement modern means of transportation ships and living in large cities with skyscrapers. While such things may be adjuncts to civilization it is folly and ignorance to identify civilization with them.

If a given civilization is not based on morality and virtue and nurtured in the pool of intelligence and conscience it is no more than a passing flash of illuminations that serves a couple rich people and excites some thrill seekers. What a pity for those who are fooled by its blinking lights.

One becomes truly civilized only when all human virtues and potentialities have been developed to the degree that they become second nature. People who think that civilization means indulging all kinds of desires and who identify it with outward forms and modern fashions are those lacking in sound judgment and who have given in to their bodily desires.