Dreams usually comprise images that are somehow related to past or future circumstances seen either clearly or symbolically through windows opening onto the world of truth. So long as the mind is free from certain impressions and preconceptions every dream like a light or a signpost from the worlds beyond may remove a darkness and indicate a direction.

Since in dreams there is no need for eyes or light or other means or materials and what is "seen" is perceived by insight and the spirit dreams can sometimes tell people things more beautiful than they could imagine when awake. It is not uncommon for a single dream to impart more knowledge about the past present and future than is contained in many libraries.

Almost everyone has dreams which are the visions of the spirit. Through these visions people can experience dimensions outside of material or physical existence and thereby penetrate some way into many of Destiny's mysteries.

So many dreams have proven to be true in actual life that if everyone were to record their true dreams the accounts would have to be bound together in huge volumes.

Some dreams bring scenes from the other world to purified souls. A soul refreshes itself in such dreams and entering the "flower gardens" of that world drinks from the pure waters therein to taste deliverance. "Seeing" through openings onto eternity the soul is enraptured by scenes it cannot see with its human eyes hear with its human ears or imagine with its conscious mind.

Dreams make us aware of our two important faculties the heart and the power of insight and free us from the three-dimensional prison of our bodies. However souls that unite with the truth do not need dreams to "see" the worlds beyond for they live enraptured by the vision of beauty in both this and other worlds at the same time. However this door opens only to those who have undergone strenuous and serious spiritual training and self-discipline not to just anybody who knocks upon it.

For those who regard the human mind as a sort of rubbish dump a container of the most abased things who pursue their investigations into it (and draw conclusions) as if it were a swamp of animal impulses dreams are a device through which the subconscious expresses itself. However thousands of inspirations flow to the heart during dreams. As almost everyone from the time of Adam has received messages pertaining to future in their dreams thousands of inventors and saintly people have received their earliest inspirations in them and have felt forever indebted to this radiant and blessed world of symbols or ideal forms.

The Most Noble Spirit upon him be peace and blessings who illuminated the world with his perfect light sometimes returned to this first phase of his Prophethood namely dreams even while he was sailing in the ocean of knowledge of God. He drew attention to this blessed source which is regarded as one of the forty or so divisions of Prophethood.