Each individual has the seeds of virtue as well as the potential for evil. Such undesirable characteristics as passion and the desire to show off exist alongside such good qualities as sincerity altruism and self-sufficiency. We should take all these qualities into account when considering human nature so that we will not be disappointed.

It is natural for every person to entertain love of status and fame to some degree. If these desires are not satisfied in acceptable ways those without self-control may harm both themselves and their community. The ambitions of such people may have to be diverted into harmless channels otherwise their frustrated and unsatisfied desires will cause harm.

It may be harmful for some unrefined souls to satisfy their desire for prominence by seeking status. Nevertheless their pursuit of this may be a good thing for it will prevent them from doing greater evil. For example it is preferable for a singer who wishes to make use of his or her God-given ability to sing hymns rather than obscene songs.

Sincerity or purity of intention determines the quality of the deed and of the one who performs it and whether or not God will accept it. However as it is not easy for everybody to serve the faith with complete sincerity consideration should be given to whether the good in them exceeds the evil. Many deeds performed for show and without sincerity should not be judged as absolutely harmful. People sometimes may contaminate their deeds by their egos and their desire and may not always be seeking God's approval and repenting of their mistakes. But we have no right to claim that they are not on the side of the truth.

If each individual in a group tries to impose himself or herself as the only authority in a certain field and some others imitate him or her discipline is destroyed confusion in engendered and the community is divided against itself. Ultimately this destroys order due to the confusion over who is really in charge and the ensuing power struggle between the rulers and the ruled.

If the successful members of a government or efficient executives of a state or institution demand the lion's share of benefits in consideration of their abilities the government is paralyzed the state collapses and the institution descends into chaos. A government subsists on discipline particular to itself a state is maintained by its principles and an army is founded upon structures of command and obedience. Anything contrary to this signifies neglect of those vital elements that traditionally have ensured the cohesion of human societies.

If only people's hearts were content with what the Sublime Creator bestows upon them! If only they would seek His Divine pleasure! Some self-seeking people turn their backs on the sun's light and are content with the dim light of the lanterns in their hands. With these however they will never find the door to eternal light.