Thirtieth window: Consider the following verses:

Had there been gods in either (the heavens and Earth) besides God both would surely be in disorder. (21:22)

All things perish except His Face. His is the absolute dominion and unto Him you are returning. (28:88)

This window is for theologians who base their arguments on the facts that all things are contingent (not absolutely necessary) and have come into existence over time. They follow this way in proving the Necessarily Existent One's Existence. Referring their explanations to such voluminous scholarly books as Sharh al‑Mawaqif and Sharh al‑Maqasid we will try to reflect a few rays coming to the soul from the light of the Qur'an through that window as follows:

Authority and sovereignty do not allow rivalry partnership or interference. If a village had two leaders its order and peace would be destroyed. A district or town with two governors would experience great confusion and a country with two kings (or governments) would be in constant turmoil. Since this pale shadow of absolute authority and sovereignty enjoyed by powerless people who are not self‑sufficient rejects rivalry and the intervention of its opposite consider how strongly true sovereignty in the form of supreme absolute kingdom and authority at the degree of Divine Lordship enjoyed by an Absolutely Powerful One rejects interference and partnership. In other words. Oneness and Singleness without partners is the most indispensable and constant requirement of Divinity and Lordship.

The universe's perfect order and most beautiful harmony testify to this. There is such a perfect order in the universe from a fly's wing to the heavens' lamps that our minds cannot comprehended it fully. All we can do is to express our amazement and admiration by saying: "Glory be to God. What wonders God has willed. God bless it." and prostrate.

If there were any room for associating partners with God to interfere with Him according to the meaning of: Had there been gods in either besides God. both would surely be in disorder (21:22) order would be destroyed and the universe's form and shape would change. But as stated in: Turn your sight (to the heavens) whether you can see any flaw and fissure. Turn again your sight a second time so that your sight will return to you dimmed and dazzled in a state worn out (67:3‑4) however hard we look for a flaw in creation our gaze will return exhausted and inform our fault‑finding reason: "I have exhausted myself in vain for there is no flaw." This shows that the order is perfect which means that this perfect order testifies to God's Oneness.

Given that the universe came into existence at a point in time and so is not eternal theologians argue:

The world is subject to change. Anything subject to change has a beginning. for it came into existence at a point in time. Anything that came into existence at a point in time has someone who brought it into existence. That being the reality this universe has an Eternal Creator.

We say:

The universe certainly has a beginning for it came into existence at a point in time. We see one world replaced by a new one every century every year even every season. Thus there is an All‑Powerful One of Majesty Who invents and creates a new world every year every season or even every day.

After showing it to conscious beings. He replaces it with a newer one. He makes these worlds succeed each other attaching them to the string of time in a series. The Power of an All‑Powerful One creates this series of renewed worlds in this way. The One Who does this obviously created the universe. He has made this universe and Earth a guest‑house for those mighty guests.

As for contingency theologians argue:

Contingency means equality between two possibilities. That is if it is equally possible for something to come into existence or not there must be one to prefer either possibility one to create according to this preference for contingent beings cannot create each other one after the other. Nor can they go back to eternity in cycles with the former having created the latter. Given this there is a Necessarily Existent Being Who creates all.

Theologians have disproved the chain of creative cause and effect as well as the notion of successive creators with 12 decisive arguments some of which they call "argument in ascension" and "argument in steps." Breaking the chain of cause and effect they have proved the Necessarily Existent Being's Existence.

We say:

Rather than showing the impossibility of the chain of cause and effect in creation or the cycle of successive creators to prove the necessary Existence of a Creator Who has no beginning and has created all things it is better and easier to show the stamp on everything belonging to the Creator of all things. Through the Qur'an's enlightenment all Windows and Words follow this principle. The subject of contingency embraces a broad range of arguments to display the Necessarily Existent Being's Existence in innumerable ways.

However the subject does not need to be restricted to the way theologians treat it namely that the cycle or chain of cause and effect must stop at the point where the realm of Divine Creativity must begin. Rather it opens up innumerable ways to knowledge of the Necessarily Existent Being. For example. each thing hesitates when faced with the many possibilities it could choose concerning its being features qualities and lifespan. But we see that it chooses a well‑ordered well‑established way so that it acquires the most appropriate body and that it is equipped with the qualities necessary for its existence as well as for all the state conditions and features it will experience during its life. This is through the will of One Who assigns to everything its specialties through the choice of One Who chooses and through the creation of a wise Creator Who directs it for wise purposes along its unique way.

He then clothes it with befitting features and qualities and makes it a part of a composite entity which only increases the possibilities before it for it is equally possible for it to have a place in that entity in thousands of ways. However it is positioned in the most appropriate way so that it can perform the fruitful and purposeful duties expected of it. The entity then becomes part of a larger entity which multiplies possibilities still further. Just like before. it is positioned so that it can carry out its important duties. This accurately and decisively demonstrates an All‑Wise Director's necessary Existence and shows that things are directed through an All‑Knowing Authority's command.

A private has certain duties and specially determined services to perform in relation to his squad company battalion regiment corps and army and wisely arranged relations specific to each. Likewise a cell in your eye's pupil has a certain relation to your eye and then to your head veins nervous system and body as a whole. It also has duties apportioned to it wisely in relation to each. If it did not perform its least duty you would become ill and the body would suffer.

Just as each creature proclaims a Necessarily Existent One via its being. features body form and attributes each one also proclaims its Maker in other tongues when positioned in different composite entities. With respect to its services and duties in each entity it bears witness to the All‑Wise Maker's necessary Existence. Will and Choice. Only the Creator of composite entities. Who positions a thing in such a way that the wise relations between them are maintained can do such things. This means that one thing has one position where it will testify to Him in thousands of tongues. As a result such testimonies of the Necessarily Existent Being's Existence far surpass the number of the creatures in the universe. In fact they reach the number of possible qualities. features forms positions and duties assigned to each as well as the relations they maintain in the composite entities in which they are located.

So you who are unaware just how deaf do you have to be not to hear this testimony filling the universe? What do you say?