Twenty-ninth window: Consider the following verse:

There is nothing that does not glorify Him with praise. (17:44)

Once during spring. I was traveling amid thoughts and feelings of loneliness. At a hill's base. I saw a yellow wild flower that reminded me of similar flowers I had seen in the past in my hometown and other places. It then struck me whose stamp that flower bore whose seal and inscription it carried. I realized with certainty that all similar flowers on Earth's face were His stamps and seals. This thought led to the idea that just as a letter's seal announces the one who wrote and sent it so is that flower a seal of the All‑Merciful One. Both that flower and hill which have been worked with such inscriptions and "lines" of meaningful plants are letters of that flower's Maker. The hill is a seal and the plain ahead of it is a letter of the All‑Merciful One.

These thoughts led to the following truth: Each thing being like a seal of the Lord attributes all things to its Creator and proves that it is a letter of its Author. Thus each thing forms such a window on Divine Unity that it submits all things to a Single One of Unity's ownership. This is especially true of living things each of which contains such a wonderful design and miraculous art that the One Who makes it so and designs it so meaningfully is also the One Who makes all things. Given this that one must be He Who has made all things. One who cannot make everything cannot create one thing.

O you who are unaware of the reality of things look at the universe's face! Can you deny the testimony of the pages of creatures all of which are like innumerable letters of the Eternally‑Besought‑of‑All one within the other? Can you deny that the seals put on them are the seals of Divine Unity? How can you silence them? If you listen to any of them with your heart you will hear it say: "I bear witness that there is no god but God."