These are only a few examples to understand the Creator's Power for which nothing is difficult for which to create and administer the whole universe is equally as easy as to create and administer a single atom.

If the whole of mankind who are the most knowledgeable and conscious species of creation were to come together to create a single atom they could not do so. So if that Being the absolutely Powerful One has promised that He will destroy the universe and re-build it again in a different form. He is most certainly capable of doing it and He will do it. For one who does not keep one's word does not do so either because he is a liar or because he is unable. However. God Almighty is absolutely able to do anything He wills and promises and He does not lie at all. He is absolutely free from any defect. So. He will keep His word and re-create the world after its overall destruction.

"The Day of Final Decision and Judgment is a fixed time a day when the Trumpet is blown and you come in multitudes and the heaven is opened and becomes as gates (78:17-9)."