Thousands of millions of human beings have lived since man’s first appearance on the earth.

Despite their common origin—a sperm and ovum which are formed from the same sort of foods taken by parents—and although they have all been composed of the same kind of structures or elements or organisms every human being has an individual countenance distinguishing him or her from the others. Sciences are unable to explain this miraculous difference between countenances. It cannot be explained by attributing it to DNA or chromosomes since this difference dates back to the first differentiation of men in the world. Moreover this difference is not only in countenances but all human beings are different from one another in character desires ambitions and abilities etc. While the members of an animal species are almost the same without displaying any difference in behavior each member of human race is like a different species and has a particular world of his own within the world of humanity. This obviously shows one with an absolutely free choice and all-encompassing knowledge and He is God.