Twenty-fifth window: A work of art shows an artist. Something born requires the existence of something giving birth. Being below implies being above. And so on. Like all relative things or qualities in pairs existing in relation to each other and requiring the existence of each other the contingency of all that exists whether the particular or the whole shows necessity for it is equally possible for something to exist or not exist. The being or becoming or being acted upon observed throughout the universe show activity. Their being created shows the activity of creating. Their observed multiplicity and composition necessitate unity. Necessity acting doing. creating and unity demand the attributes of being necessary active creative. and one all of which are not contingent passive multiple composed and created. Given this all contingencies actions formations creations. multiplicities and compositions in the universe testify to a Necessarily Existent One. One doing whatever He wills the Creator of all things. One and Single.

In short contingency shows necessity being or becoming points to the act of doing or making and multiplicity points to unity. In the same way being created and provided as observed in existence point to the existence of the acts of making creating and providing. These in turn point to the existence of a Compassionate Maker. Who is the Creator and Provider. This means that each creature through the tongues of its hundreds of attributes bears witness to hundreds of the Necessarily Existent Being's Beautiful Names. If this is not admitted then all such qualities also must be denied.