Preferring the sacred cause over all worldly and animal desires; being steadfast in truth once it has been discovered to the degree that you sacrifice all mundane attachments for its sake; enduring all hardships so that future generations will be happy; seeking happiness not in material or even spiritual pleasures but in the happiness and well-being of others; never seeking to obtain any posts or positions; and preferring oneself to others in taking on work but preferring others to oneself in receiving wages—these are the essentials of this sacred way of serving the truth.

Those who lead the way must set a good example for their followers. Just as they are imitated in their virtues and good morals so do their bad and improper actions and attitudes leave indelible marks upon those who follow them.

One who represents any stage of the truth must try to embody it with honesty trustworthiness consciousness of duty a high degree of perception awareness of circumstances far-sightedness and absolute chastity. People who hold high office but lack one or more of these virtues must be seen as having one or more serious defects. This is a clear misfortune for those who follow them.