Every noble cause and truth will gain constancy and a universal identity by its adherents’ determination to protect it and their devotion to it. If those who have embraced that cause and truth are not perceptive faithful and persevering that which they have embraced eventually will be erased from human memory by the hostility of its determined enemies.

Just as stagnant water stinks and putrefies upon losing its fluidity the source of its life so do those lazy people who abandon themselves to comfort and ease inevitably begin to rot and become losers. Desire for comfort is the first alarm and sign of death. However those whose sensitivity has been paralyzed cannot hear the alarm or understand the sign and do not heed the warnings and advice of friends.

Laziness and attachment to ease are among the major reasons for deprivation and humiliation. Inactive people who have abandoned themselves to (indolent) comfort one day will fall so low that they will expect even their basic necessities to be supplied by others.

Once the extreme addiction of staying at home is added to that of indolent comfort the “front lines” will be abandoned and people will become cowardly. If this decline is not recognized and the situation is not handled intelligently and properly the result will be deviation and something horrid.

Those who leave the “front” because they are addicted to the comforts of their homes or their lust usually encounter the exact opposite of what they expected. They may even lose their nice homes and lovely children! How true is this accusation made by a mother to her son a commander who did not fight courageously when he should have: “You did not fight like a man on the battlefield so now at least sit and cry like a woman!”

For a human being change and decay are usually slow and silent. Sometimes even a little heedlessness a slight straying from the “caravan.” can cause a complete collapse and a total loss. However because those who have fallen see themselves as still on the same line and in the same situation they do not realize that they have plunged to the bottom of a deep well from a minaret-like peak.

Some people who leave the line of exertion and struggle with a feeling of guilt which every fugitive and truant is bound to feel are likely to defend themselves and criticize their friends who continue to serve. It is almost impossible for such people to escape their deviation and return to their original line. Prophet Adam upon him be peace recovered his previous rank with a single deed namely his confession of fault after he had fallen into forgetfulness. By contrast. Satan despite the gravity of his sin tried to defend himself and fell into eternal frustration.

People who have lost their resolve willpower and endeavor affect the courage and devotional strength of those around them. Sometimes only a little hesitation or a bit of reluctance displayed by an irresolute individual causes a shock and loss of hope as great as the death of a hundred people. Such a disaster only encourages the enemies of the nation to attack us.

The attractiveness of children family and worldly property is seductive and a burdensome trial. The successful defendants at this trial are those determined resolute strong-willed and fortunate people who every morning and evening renew from the depth of their hearts their oath of attachment to the truth to which they have devoted themselves.